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4 Careers That Can Be Considered Without Much Training

This article will look at the jobs you can obtain without much experience. This is important if you need to change jobs quickly due to circumstances that are out of your control such as a pandemic. This has seen many people lose their livelihoods where their area of expertise is in little demand when services have had to be shut down. Areas that have been particularly affected include hospitality and the entertainment industry wherein training in hospitality has become highly specific and meticulous owing to the health specifications. Those in these sectors may, of course, wait for things to resume to relative normality, but on the other hand, need to financially support their families in the meantime.

Real Estate Agent

Selling property is primarily about being able to sell, so it is open to anyone whatever they have been selling previously. No other previous experience is required as you will take a course to teach you all there is to know about the business. Many agents will work on a commission basis, so the more houses you sell, the more you can make. However, some real estate is similar to these Colorado ranches for sale practically sell themselves. This might not seem like a very secure job but some houses will sell themselves. Situations such as pandemics change where people want to live. For instance, there will be those now wanting to move from populated areas to more rural ones. Others who work in the city will find it convenient to still live there but perhaps want to downsize to something more affordable. All the time, couples are leaving home to set up together and find their independence. There will always be a demand for real estate agents and those who have an aptitude for selling. What can be implemented and integrated by budding realtors is their adaptation to technological advancements in the industry, such as bringing in real estate marketing methods and CRM methods to improve their service more.

Customer Services Representative

If you are good at handling difficult people in all kinds of awkward situations, then this may be the job for you. Again, it will just be a short training course. This will be in-house to understand the policies of a particular company. We might think of customer service desks in retail environments but every company will have a department that advises its customers on all kinds of things. It is not just about complaints, but also about making sure that customers have the best experience. Even though you will be sitting down, the ability to think on your feet will be important. You may, for instance, be assisting someone in how to use a product or service effectively. They may have a problem working out how to use the device or need help completing a form. It is very rewarding to be in a position to help someone.


For any secretary, the main thing is to know how to type and be able to do it quickly and accurately. The rest is about being organized and prioritizing work. A pleasant and empathetic telephone manner will be important, too, as well as an aptitude for computers, as most booking systems will be computerized. You may be lucky and find an old-fashioned firm if you are not that way inclined. As far as typing goes, you can teach yourself this and then go to night school and get the qualifications to prove it.

After being a secretary for a company, you can later specialize and become either a legal or a medical secretary. A personal assistant is an obvious progression from a secretary that works for a company, and you will earn more money in that role. You will soon pick up any specialist terminology through in-house support or from an external course.

Veterinary Assistant

If you just adore animals, then this is a job that you can do without going through years of training to become a vet. All you might need is a good resume (an online resume service like can help you make one) and present yourself well during the interview in order to land the job. There will be a small amount of study and in-house training but then you will be working with the animals and caring for them as if they were your own. You will need to be capable of lifting 40 to 50 pounds for a prolonged period as some dogs can be heavy, be computer literate, and not have a phobia about any particular animal. There will not just be furry or fluffy dogs and cats, but also reptiles such as snakes to handle, and feel comfortable about handling. For entry to this kind of job, you should be aware that the competition is fierce but that all you should need to have done primarily is to obtain reasonable grades in your exams, particularly in maths, English, and science. A passion for this kind of work will go a long way, too. Volunteering for an animal charity or working at boarding kennels for dogs or cats might be your way in, to show that you have that passion and caring nature when it comes to looking after animals.

So, if you suddenly have to change your career, do not be deterred by thinking that you will have to completely retrain. There are employment opportunities that will not mean years of training and that you will not need a degree for.

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