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Guide to Starting a Business

Like every man’s dream to own a successful business, my goal is to own a successful business that can be passed down to generations. Starting a new business isn’t a walk in the park although you might find getting insured is simple enough if you check out Haberman Insurance. Many entrepreneurs like me give up easily because we get stuck in the process of starting a new business. This is because we think that only certain people have the qualities of becoming successful business owners. This isn’t true, in my opinion, because we are all capable of becoming successful. We all have what it takes: good ideas, the right amount of capital, and some creativity. Most of us lack patience, determination, and the ability to stick to the plans we come up with. This article will highlight the steps required to start a business and make it successful.

Know Who Entrepreneurs are Before Starting

This is a critical question we should ask when starting a business because it is a process that requires one to be thoughtful and carefully examine the situation. According to my knowledge, we should know our strengths, weaknesses, and skills. This allows us to understand what we can do and what we cannot. It is best to take advantage of our abilities and be successful.

I recommend that we first understand ourselves fully and know if we are best suited to start any new business. According to my knowledge, it is best to know why we want to give up our job’s security, yet we do not know how well the business will do. That’s why it is best to be clear about what exactly we are trying to achieve. Our personal goals and drive should be compatible with our business. I can attest that if we are passionate about the business, it will be successful. Passion is the only difference between one who starts a business and fails and one who starts a business and succeeds.

Business Ideas and Making Business Plans

Logically if we want to start a business, then we should begin in an area that we have a passion for. I can’t entirely agree with this because we may be passionate about starting an existing business. In my opinion, find out what we can do to make the business different from the existing one and create a competitive advantage or come up with a new idea. Once we have thought about the business idea, I recommend making a business plan. The plan will consist of: an executive summary, company description, market analysis, company structure, description of the product/ service, marketing and sales strategy, financial projections, and any other useful information like how you would implement something similar to a VoIP in order to cut telephoning costs. It is necessary to know who we are targeting.

Get a Good Business Premise and Permits

According to my knowledge, it is unnecessary to have a business premise to start our business immediately, but this depends on what business we are starting. If it is something small and we can sell from home, I would advise you to do that as long as your home is clean and safe enough to start a business. Also, we will need the licenses and permits to operate.

Get The Funds Required

Capital is an essential thing required when starting a business. We will have to consider what we have, what will be required, and how we will get it. We can also ask investors to invest in the business for some stake or seek financial assistance from a financial institution. It might also be wise to talk to industry professionals, like Ted Xashokau, and seek their guidance. They’re professionals for a reason and can offer a range of appropriate and helpful advice.

Hire Qualified Staff

This is very important, in my view, especially if we have little or no accounting knowledge. Additionally, with the growth of the business, it becomes necessary for business owners to keep track of their day-to-day activities like managing log business expenses, raising customer invoices, and keeping accurate records of everyday income. So, when the business is doing well, it’s time to employ additional staff including a manager and a human resource manager. Besides increasing manpower, business owners could also use online accounting software provided by companies like Wizz Accounting ( to keep their financial records up to date without any hassle. Regarding the legal aspects of the business, I believe, an attorney will be able to guide the way.

Business Name

This is the most important thing, in my opinion since this is what the customers and clients will associate with. The name of the business will say a lot about our company. Get a name that is easy to spell, pronounce, and remember.

These are the most important steps when starting a business. My advice is that if currently working and want to start a business, do not quit. Wait for the business to do well and then later put all the focus on the company.