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How Packaging is Helping the Cosmetic Industry

A cosmetic product is one intended to be applied to a person’s body to make them more attractive. So, legally, a perfume is a cosmetic just like the other beauty products applied to the skin. The cosmetic industry makes great use of packaging in the case of perfumes in particular. They do not just use packaging for protection but also in the marketing of their products so that they appeal as gifts for special occasions.

So, we shall explore just why packaging is important to the cosmetic industry and think about what cosmetic wholesale packaging has to offer this sector.


A cosmetic product that looks good is thanks to the packaging that houses it. This can be because of a see-through package that displays all that a customer wants to see. When we have a gift pack, the packaging will make it look like the ideal gift, whether it be for a birthday or Christmas present.

The ability to be able to print directly onto certain kinds of packaging helps the cosmetic industry tremendously because it avoids the need to use separate labels. It looks far more professional to have designs that are incorporated within the box’s design scheme. Custom Boxes are usually the ones that make it easy for such a kind of print. The designs and text can be decided by the company and unique packaging to fit it can be produced by custom packaging providers.

Cosmetic packaging will aim to please the eye and have a product appeal to a mass market. It is about what might attract someone to purchase for themselves and also the relatives and friends that they might buy for. Wholesalers will be well aware of this when looking to pitch their cosmetic products to retailers.


Packaging will help communicate the branding of a product to the buyer and help with its identification. You want packaging that reflects the company image, uses the correct shades in their logo, and so becomes a look that many are familiar with who will be seeking the product they can trust.

For instance, people are, after all, known for a particular smell. We mean that in a positive way. A physical attraction can be achieved from many perfumes and will only remain the case when perfumes keep their distinctive smell because of how they are packaged. The attraction is to do with pheromones.`You can explore websites like, where various perfumes can be found listing their special characters to help people improve their sexual relationships. These types of packaging styles can appeal to a lot of people to go and check out products and perhaps buy them also.

It is important to communicate a clear message to buyers so that they are not confused and buy another product by mistake. There are, for this reason, companies that deliberately make their packaging similar to the expensive brands in the hope that consumers will make that mistake, and in effect buy the wrong product because of their clever branding. This makes it all the more important for the official brand to consider their packaging carefully, and wholesalers will play a part in that too.


A perfume product remains safe in transit when inside the right packaging. The contents can be very valuable with some perfumes.

A product can be moved several times within the distribution process and need to be protected at each stage before it makes its way to the final consumer. Also, an international delivery will mean more chance of damage when products such as perfumes have not been adequately protected from damage or contamination.


A product is better protected when inside an appropriate package. It can make the difference between it deteriorating quicker or having a longer shelf life. This goes for perfume and other liquid cosmetic products. Ordinarily, a bottle of perfume will have a shelf life of between 3 and 5 years. This can be extended if the product has been unopened and stored correctly. However, it can be seriously reduced if the products were inside the wrong type of packaging. So, this is important and cosmetic companies know this.


Many buyers are already on board with seeking out packaging with their products that can be considered eco-friendly. It may deter a purchaser where it cannot be claimed. So, it is for those dealing in perfumes to seek out this kind of packaging that will please customers. It will mean more business.

In summary, there are many ways in which packaging will help the cosmetic industry when it comes to distributing and selling its products. A big part of their business will be perfume products for regular use and gifts. A study conducted by Statista has revealed that 44% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 will use perfume daily. So, there is plenty of market demand for the perfumes and for the packaging that accompanies them.

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